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    My name is Wes, I am a proud father, avid traveler, and 3D printer enthusiast. I also do Linuxy stuff for work as a lead systems engineer at Salesforce; basically I am a professional problem solver.

    I started this blog years ago while I was a novice Linux administrator at Rackspace. A couple of my posts still get a lot of traffic, but for the most part the site has been abandoned. I recently moved the blog from a self-hosted Wordpress installation to Jekyll and hope to start blogging again!

    What can we expect from this site?

    I am certainly no longer a novice but the world of Linux and open source is so expansive and ever-changing that it requires constant learning. I personally try to keep a beginner’s mindset, ask a lot of questions, and fully explore topics that interest me. Over the last 9 years my life has changed immensely, but I am still very passionate about my work and eager to grow and share my knowledge.

    This site is intended to be a notebook of sorts where I can document things I find interesting. I also plan to discuss issues that I find are common conversation topics with other techs. In this way the site will serve as a conversation aid as well as a quick reference after the fact.

    “While we teach, we learn”1 is a powerful truth. With that in mind, it can be said that this site is intended to further my own knowledge first and foremeost, but I truely hope that other people will find the site helpful too!

    What’s with the website name?

    Necrux (nec·rux) is a portmanteau of “necromancer” and “Tux.” I believe that the idea of a penguin bringing Linux servers back from the dead perfectly embodies what it means to be a Linux administrator.

    1. Seneca, a Roman philosopher